What we serve..!

We sell the Bramor C-4 Eye and the Bramor ppX

24.3MP RGB Sensor
BRAMOR ppX RGB Sensor with 24,3 MP with high quality lens
24.3MP APS-C NDVI Sensor
BRAMOR ppX RGB Sensor with 24,3 MP with high quality lens
MS-SQ Multispectral Camera
MS-SQ ultralight multispectral camera, self-calibrated using Sunshine sensor.
MS-RE Multispectral Sensor
Advanced, lightweight, provides accurate multi-band data for agricultural remote sensing applications.
gAS Sensor - GasFinder
Advanced laser mass spectrometer for pipeline and environmental monitoring.
gHY Hyperspectral sensor
Enhance your system with a 500-900 nm range state of the art hyperspectral imager.
Rugged tracking technology for 40 km range with our video datalink transmitter.
ASTRALTRACK automatic tracking antenna is a light antenna system compatible with all C-ASTRAL SYSTEMS for extended 40 km range DATA and VIDEO transmission.
On-board Extended Kalman filter running at 400 Hz, IMU data at 1kHz
Pneumatic catapult
For cold weather operations (-20 ℃). Field proven in Arctic conditions
Emergency Beacon Locator
Find the location of your system with a built-in VHF beacon and handheld receiver.
Bramor System Backpack
Heavy duty whole system water resistant carrying backpack for ppX and C4EYE systems.
EO/IR/LI Dual sensor gimbal for C4EYE with high precision pointing accuracy in a small, lightweight package.
MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Network) and MIMO optional secure digital communications.
C-Astral REACH30
Video transmitter with range 40km LOS.
ADSB Mode S Transponder
Make your UAV visible to other cooperating traffic and air traffic control.