land survey

Land Survey with a drone offers enormous potential to GIS professionals. With a drone, it is possible to carry out topographic surveys of the same quality as the highly accurate measurements collected by traditional methods, but in a fraction of the time. This substantially reduces the cost of a Land survey and the workload of specialists in the field.

360 Panorama View (Online / Offline): Highest quality Photo shot from a bird’s eye view. Center of the action, ensuring there’s something to see and experience at every angle.

Aerial View Shoot: Aerial Photo / Video Shooting, Professional Drone Photography and Video Shooting of Area of Interest (AIO)

Volume Calculations: Soil excavation quantity details (After soil removed as per the required level) Rock cutting levels (After rock cutting as per the required level)

Establishment of Ground control points (GCP)

After Fixing the land / Site boundary, Ground Control points (GCP) would be established in the land / Site area. The GCP’s would be used for geo-referencing the acquired image from the drone. Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) would be used for fixing primary control points and secondary control points.


The DSM is used to correct the relief displacement and generate Ortho of the area. The software processes the data internally and the Ortho is generated, along with the contour. Orthomosaic is done by joining tie points. The stereo images will be produced.

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