Power Line Inspection

Transmission Line Survey is used to determine Transmission Line alignment and Ground Profile for preparation of Tower spotting schedule. Preparation of Sag profile drawing is essential to stinging the wire.

We are equipped with high-tech machinery and vast domain experience in order to be able to provide solutions tailored to exact customer requirements. We carry out our services in compliance with the established standards. We focus on delivering optimum customer satisfaction. The results are documented by us as per the customers’ detailed specifications.

Drone solutions for Powerline Inspection:

  • Structural Preservation: Locates erosions, cracks, and general wear & tear with high-resolution cameras.
  • Locate defects: Detect unseen electrical malfunctions with Thermal images
  • Assembly errors: Detects assembly errors and reach dangerous or areas difficult to access with high-resolution cameras
  • Vegetation Overgrowth: Quickly identify and prevent outages from intruding vegetation that could interfere with powerlines


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