Solar Panel Inspection

Our key objective is to identify the faulty Solar Panels for they can be replaced by the manufacturers while they are in warranty, maximize output/efficiency and proactively addressing issues thus minimizing the maintenance cost. We leverage drone Thermal Imaging and Aerial Inspections to provide accurate and detailed inspections in a much quicker and cost-effective fashion.

Value of Drones for Solar Farm Inspections

  • Rapid and Easy scans for Rooftops and arrays
  • Hot spot identification showing defective cells / Geotagged image
  • Diagnostic purpose/planning of Panel placement
  • Infrared signatures show defective panels
  • Keep the solar farm running at peak efficiency
  • Save time with pre-selected waypoint aerial inspections

Inspecting solar farms using drones can be separated into 3 phases:

1) Fly over the solar farm and collect thermal images along with geospatial metadata
2) Analyse the thermal images and locate faults
3) Generate actionable reports


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