Wind Turbine Inspection

A drone inspection is a practical and proficient inspection technique contrasted with traditional telephotography or other manual inspection methods. With a drone inspection solution, you can accomplish both visual and thermal images on wind turbines for on-site analysis and assessment regarding the condition of the rotor blades.

  • safe working environment
  • reduced downtime
  • high-quality images and video
  • access to otherwise inaccessible areas
  • dynamic surveying
  • preventive maintenance planning.

To generate 5 m contours and feature extraction alongside topographic, Roughness Map, Windmill Location map, Transmission grid map.

Image: Purchased from NRSC, Govt of India Survey: DGPS Survey to the establishment of control points will be used to GeoReference the Cadastral map and overlay with survey data of Transmission line.

Output: This Wind assets maps show the wind potential area near the Sub Station and the slope of the area. This guide serves to windmill transfer the power to nearby transmission lines.

Technology: By utilizing Photogrammetry Software contour is produced utilizing Cartosat1 Satellite imagery. Using GIS Software is used to analysis of slope and Suitable windmill location, Roughness, Site suitability for a wind farm for the Project.

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