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We do Aerial Inspection with drones.

Power Line Inspection

Transmission Line Survey is used to determine Transmission Line alignment and Ground Profile for preparation of Tower spotting schedule. Preparation of Sag profile drawing is essential to stinging the w

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Wind Turbine Inspection

A drone inspection is a practical and proficient inspection technique contrasted with traditional telephotography or other manual inspection methods. With a drone inspection solution, you can accomplish

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Pipe Line Inspection

A pipeline survey is the first step in planning and installing safe water, oil, or gas pipeline. We provide a meaningful and cost-effective alignment for pipe laying and prepare the necessary land acqui

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Cell Tower Inspection

An effective way to inspect and manage cell towers with improved speed, efficiency, safety, and systems for data management. Value of Drones for Cell Tower Inspections Higher-resolution visual i

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Solar Panel Inspection

Our key objective is to identify the faulty Solar Panels for they can be replaced by the manufacturers while they are in warranty, maximize output/efficiency and proactively addressing issues thus minim

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Highways & Railways

 IPAGEUMS Drones offer a cutting-edge Drone solution for the Railway and Roadways industry. We have helped distinctive Railways and Roadways associations in project planning, project development monito

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